Welcome to FeelTheBase v1.1


Does any of the following apply to you? If so, you need FeelTheBase. This utility handles numbers in decimal, hexadecimal, binary, text and IP address form simultaneously. A change to any type of number is immediately reflected in its other forms with a mouseclick or return press. It's also a color picker. Grab any color on screen and see it's numeric form.

Getting it

You can download FeelTheBase here or launch it directly as a Java Web Start application.

Installing and uninstalling

Simply drag the FeelTheBase folder to your favourite program folder and add a shortcut to wherever you please. FeelTheBase doesn't write into the system registry (unless requested to) so uninstalling is simply a matter of removing the folder.

FeelTheBase comes in two flavors, you will only need one of them and can remove the other one:

The user interface

FeelTheBase is based on a main window with a couple of fields and buttons. The function of each element is explained below. (You may also click on an area of the image)

The fields

Each field expects a number (or text) to be entered in a specific format. By pressing Enter or selecting another field, the data entered will be converted to all other forms and displayed in the other fields.

The mode buttons

The settings window

New to v1.1 is a settings window where FeelTheBase can be configured to your preference. The settings window is accessed from the system menu (the small icon to the left of the window title bar). The function of each element is explained below.


FeelTheBase v1.1 is FreeWare, enjoy!
It may not be sold for profit but a distributor has the right to charge for the cost of physical media. FeelTheBase must never be distributed without this help file. The usual disclaimers apply. It means that the author is not responsible for any damages caused by direct or indirect use of this program.


I wish to thank Erik Melin at Melin Software for providing good examples on how to write a color picker.

The author

FeelTheBase is written by me, David Ekholm, Datadosen
If you like the program or have some suggestions, please let me know.
You can also reach me by mail or phone (although email is preferred):
David Ekholm
Vasavägen 2
s-177 52 Järfälla
Phone: +46 8 580 15668. Mobile: +46 70 755 34 33

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